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Click on the links below to hear Mike talking about his experiences on:

The Jerry Pippin Radio Show

Glastonbury Radio

O Books Radio

Ross Hemsworth talking about Mike's symbols on
'Now That's Weird'
(short clip)

Ross Hemsworth talking about Mike's symbols on 'Now That's Weird'(whole show - scroll down the page that opens and listen to track 14)

Jon Hyatt Podcast

and to access You Tube clips from:

UFO Congress, Nevada, 2008

Probe Conference 09.

See Mike's alter ego, Ben, on You Tube.


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Coast to Coast AM. If you want to keep up to date with world changes, this is the show to listen to.

Whistleblower Radio. The radio arm of Project Camelot. Free, interesting interviews on wide-ranging topics.

The Kevin Smith Show. Excellent radio show with in-depth content on extemely relevant topics presented by the astute Kevin Smith.

Journeys with Rebecca. Radio Show dealing with Consciousness, The Shift, Metaphysics, Spirituality. Hidden Truths, Earth Changes and much more.

The Jerry Pippin Show. Huge free archive on ancient mysteries, paranormal, UFOs, aliens, conspiracy theories, etc.

The X-Zone Radio and TV Show with Rob McConnell. The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show deals in all topics from within the world of the paranormal and the science of parapsychology.

News for the Soul Radio. Originally a positive newspaper in Canada, News for the Soul has become a world-wide, life-changing radio show.

Veritas Radio Show. Mel Fabregas' weekly show exploring UFO and paranornmal phenomenona, conspiracies and current world events.

Brasscheck TV. Video clips on 'what's really going on'.





The official website for the book:
Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?
by Mike Oram