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Click on the links below to hear Mike talking about his experiences on:

The Jerry Pippin Radio Show

Glastonbury Radio

O Books Radio

Ross Hemsworth talking about Mike's symbols on
'Now That's Weird'
(short clip)

Ross Hemsworth talking about Mike's symbols on 'Now That's Weird'(whole show - scroll down the page that opens and listen to track 14)

Jon Hyatt Podcast

and to access You Tube clips from:

UFO Congress, Nevada, 2008

Probe Conference 09.

See Mike's alter ego, Ben, on You Tube.


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PROBE. Home page of the UK's Northern UFO Conference

ACERN. Australian Close Encounter Network

UFO Research Association of Ireland

I Was Abducted. The place to report or read about alien contact.

The Lightside. The LIghtside UFO Study Group.

BUFOG. Birmingham UFO Group

LAPIS. Lancaster Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society

International UFO Congress. Home of the world's largest UFO conference.

Taken Into The Sky. " Home of the abduction newsletter...are you one of the taken "

Alien Observor. Information on and links to all things alien and UFO related.

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The official website for the book:
Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?
by Mike Oram