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Watching all these lights, symbols and numbers dancing around the ceiling was amazing enough but then something even more remarkable happened: two beings of pure, golden light emerged from the funnel. The one slightly in front, I sensed, was masculine and the other that was just a little further back, was feminine. The odd thing was that when they were coming through the funnel they looked about one foot (31cm) high, but as soon as they were out of the funnel they were around six feet two inches (1m 88cm). This was a strange effect because I never saw how it happened. It was so fast; it was instant. The moment they came into the room, their size changed. They came and hovered over me as I lay on the mattress and their faces were no more then a foot away. Their finely chiseled faces were beautiful to behold. Human in form but perfect. The golden brilliance shone down on me. Their eyes had seen all there was to see and Love was the answer.

Written from the perspective of a lifetime of personal experience, both as an investigator and contactee, this book offers a retrospective and a current look at the alien abduction scenario and includes the author’s amazing abduction incident at Area 51, Nevada, and DNA symbols for consciousness change, given to him by Light Beings. We live in the days of prophecies fulfilled, when Science and Mysticism, traditionally at opposite ends of a long pole, with UFO ‘weirdos’ precariously teetering in the middle, are discovering that they are dipping their toes in the same water - namely that of the true nature of reality and consciousness. To the discerning mind, a vast body of evidence exists and grows to show that we, as a planetary species, are undergoing change on a deep consciousness level, and prompting that change, and part of it, are the off-world visitors. By far the best source of information as to what is currently happening with, and to, humanity lies with those having the experiences with our universal neighbours. Yet still today, mainstream Science and Media ridicule, dismiss and otherwise censure these personal truths. For those with an open mind, this book sets out one man’s experience of interacting with other-dimensional and extra-terrestrial beings, from childhood on, and also shows how he worked through the fear some experiences engendered to find a new spiritual perspective and a greater reward from his contacts. Use the symbols in this book to aid your own consciousness-awakening process and be ready for the coming Shift

Mike Oram has had a lifetime of UFO experiences; first as a child in the 1950s - then subsequently through his work as a UFO investigator from the late 1960s onwards. This book is not only a unique account of one person’s struggle to come to terms with the awesome reality of alien contact over many years - it also offers a microcosm of the whole UFO phenomenon spanning many decades, from childhood contacts in the 1950s to sinister encounters at Area 51 in the 21st century, Mike's incredible personal story reveals startling and timely new information about an ongoing alien interaction with individuals, that potentially affects all our lives. This book is a must for all those concerned with the truth about alien contact and, whether you are a believer or a skeptic, there is little doubt that you will find its revelations both challenging and thought-provoking.

John Pickering. Writer, researcher and illustrator. Author of Beyond Photography and Orbs and Beyond.

We would like to say how privileged we are to know Mike Oram personally. This fascinating and beautifully illustrated book of Mike Oram’s most intimate childhood experiences and still-present ongoing contacts with his personal Spiritual Guide, Extraterrestrials and Light Beings. An intoxicating book, written with so much sincerity it really was a pleasure to read. You would have to go far to meet a more gentle and sincere guy.

Sam and Jean Wright, PROBE INTERNATIONAL UK (Organisers)

When I first read this book title, I saw it as: Do ESI (Extra-Sensory Individuals) Train in Other Dimensions?

Some of us see. We are the real eyes. We realise, and we know, that life is a wonder -full journey and that Creation consists of incomparable, sometimes subtle and exquisite diversity. What this world deems ‘extraordinary’ we know is just alternate and accompanying experiences and existences to the one we are pressed to believe in. For otherworld beings, their own presence is as eternal and as substantial to their peers as ours is to us. We, all of us, like them, are capable of filtering into every other realm of experience, other dimensions, other worlds. When we do this, like them, we learn something and often we carry back this wisdom to share with our species. It’s a shamanic thing. Mike Oram is such a being, one who steps in and out of other worlds and lives and communicates with otherworldly beings, humans; a shaman - he is as much a part of them as he is one of us. This wonderful, thought-provoking and honest book tells his story: an account of a gentle man, a guiding spirit and a messenger from the stars.

Ellis Taylor. Author of: In These Signs Conquer and Living in the Matrix. Organiser of ‘The Oxford Talks'.

I've known Mike for a few years now and consider him to be a good friend. He is a warm, sincere and honest man with a high intellect - and all of these qualities shine through the pages of his book. Written in such a style as to be humorous at times, upsetting other times, yet his writing manages to switch easily from one emotion to another without ever losing the real message of the book. Mike's journey hasn't ended; he is still on the roller coaster ride that carries a lot of alien-experiencers, but he has had the courage and tenacity to share his vast wealth of knowledge with the reader. Mike has stood up and is ready to be counted.

Ann Andrews, Author of Abducted and Walking Between Worlds: Belonging To None.

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