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If you are a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic on things classed as ‘paranormal’ and about the UFO /alien contact scenario in particular, then I guess you would not have clicked on this web site. So - even if you think you are skeptical - you must have a chink of your mind open to other possibilities. Preserve that curiosity and read the taleof my life-long contact with a variety of types of off-worlders, including my own Space Brothers, a Bio-mechanical Being, Tulip People and the Light Beings.

I have merged with the Light Beings several times since 1994 and I would like to point out here that it is a much different place to where my Space Brothers reside. When I merge with the Light Beings I go into a state of complete Oneness and in that place I feel I am at one with the Source. With my Space Brothers I have a totally different feeling. I do not merge as I do with the Light Beings but there is a love and bonding way beyond what we feel here on earth. There are no ‘labels’ or ‘attachments’ to this love; it is just a pureness of being together. An absolute trust and connection, where one feels extremely safe. Although my consciousness does not merge as it does with the Light Beings, there is a connection in the mind that would make you think that is so, because here on earth the personality gets in the way for such a connection to take place. This type of connection with my Space Brothers is something that humankind is working towards and a shift in consciousness would help take us to this next level.

II have lost count down the years as to how many friends and acquaintances have suggested I write a book about my experiences. It would be a lie to say that it had not crossed my mind a few times and it would be absolutely honest to say that I was scared to write such a book. I did not want to draw the sort of attention to myself that this book might create. So why have I written it now?

One of the reasons is because of what happened to Fran and me in Nevada in February 2004 and the culmination of that experience, when Tellos, my Space Brother, created before my eyes an etheric pink rose, which he placed into the centre of my heart.

Soon after that experience, Light Beings helped me remember symbols they had placed into my mind years before. They told me that these symbols work on a deep level to enable consciousness change and that I was to disseminate these.</span> Apart from speaking at conferences, the easiest way to let as many people as possible see these symbols is to put them in a book.

Another reason is that it is the time to write such a book. Tens of thousands of people from all cultures are having very similar experiences to my own and this is, I am sure, part of the Great Awakening of our global consciousness.

As a planetary species, we are approaching a time when we will be forced to awaken to the existence of other realities. A great shift in conscious awareness will take place as we realize, once and for all, that we are not just material beings living out a 3D existence on a geophysical planet, but are universal spiritual beings alive in a populated cosmos of limitless possibilities. Once that door to a wider reality has been opened we can never be the same again, individually or collectively.

Interview extract from Weird Days Issue 1.

In the book, you have bared your sould as it were, what has been the reaction to the claims you have made?

I have had a very positive reaction to my book and have had many emails from around the world, where people are telling me of their own experiences that are of a similar nature. People are much better informed now about the nature of UFOs and we are in a totally different place from where we were back in those heady days of Warminster.

Many people have said that there is a possible sea change for the human race, possibly in the much publicised year of 2012. You have hinted at such an event. How do you think it will happen?

Read the complete interview at: http://www.mystical-county.org.uk/weirddays/weirddays_iss1.pdf

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